The winter months have always been difficult for outdoor photo shoots.  Although studio photography is always a possibility, I always find something special with on-location shoots as there is an element of authenticity from the environment that resonates through the photos.

Earlier last month, I was fortunate to find fantastic indoor locations to shoot in to realize my new creative ideas.

“No Homework on Saturday” is a dreamy, grungy editorial shoot in a school.  The absence of people in this normally public space suddenly became a quiet theatre of discovery and adventure, and fit the mood perfectly.  I am extremely happy that Scarlet Girl, one of the top picks from this series, was selected as Best of Vogue on March 1st, 2016 on the Photo Vogue Italia page!

I am looking forward to sharing the other photos from this series with everyone soon!

Scarlet Girl - Full Screen - March 1 2016

Best of Vogue Scarlet Girl Screenshot(3)