Visual Poetry Journey | Photography by Charles Wong
rhythm, flow, song, and dance

Charles is a professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His style is a mixture of street photography and fashion combined with an edgy and surreal undertone that describes the inner beauty. His creative vision is enriched by his studies at the acclaimed Photography program at Ryerson University.

Bringing an editorial-style fashion flair to his images, Charles works closely with makeup, wardrobe, and hair- stylists to realize his visual storytelling. His strong artistic and technical background helps him to successfully realize every project, whether it is a wedding, fashion, or portraiture shoot.

When not behind the camera, Charles draws inspiration from the poetic beauty of nature through travelling and exploring the deeper meaning behind movies and music.







Select features, exhibits and awards:

Photo Vogue Italia
“Afternoon Embers”
“Little Green House”
“Scarlet Girl”   (Best of PhotoVogue Italia, March 1, 2016)
“Red Violet”
“Door #1”
“Watercolour Dreams”
“Just a Few Drinks”
“Secrets of the Heart – Dark Moon”

Art About Magazine Italy
“Milk & Cigarettes”
“My Vivid Dream”
“Rainy Days”
“Velvet Saturday”
“Escape from Shadows”
“Rendez-vous: Forgotten Yesterdays”
“Bohemian Girl”
“Secrets of White Room”
“Windmills of my Mind”

Lov Zine Italy
“New England Tales”

Last Daze Magazine
“Milk & Cigarettes”

Sticks & Stones Agency
“White Fox”

Institute Magazine
“Escape from the Dollhouse”

Fuji X Passion Magazine
“The True Meaning of Photographs”

Anon Magazine
“Enter the Valley”
“Like the Ocean – Songs of Yesterday”
“No homework on Saturday”

Grunge’n’Art Magazine
“Secrets of the Heart – Silver Necklace”

Gilded Magazine
“Lullaby of the Purple Sky”

Xpressions Magazine
“Island Paradise”

Art Square Gallery
“Bloom”  (Vistek Award for Excellence in Photographic Arts)
“No Lifeguard on Duty”