Visual Poetry Journey | Photography by Charles Wong
Weddings and Editorial Fashion Photography

I am Charles, the face behind Visual Poetry Journey Photography.

As a photographer for close to 10 years, I specialize primarily in wedding and editorial fashion photography.  I have studied at Toronto Metropolitan University’s prestigious photography program under a fashion photographer whose work has been exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, France.  Altogether, this means telling beautiful stories of the biggest, most epic day of your life by someone who puts you first while staying true to the artistry of photography.

Imagine your wedding day captured in all its wonder by a photographer who has been published in Italian Vogue online, with images handpicked by the senior editors themselves.  I want you to relive your childhood dreams on your wedding, whether that is being a fashion model admired by all your guests or having the most cherished intimate wedding with just you and your closest friends.

I will work with you to get to know you and your partner’s tastes and tailor your experience to be uniquely yours while shooting in my signature style.  No two weddings will be the same.  I want your wedding to be unforgettably amazing and magazine-worthy.   After the ceremony, the speeches, and the laughter and tears, you will have the most beautiful images, forever captured in a sequence of timeless memories full of joyous emotions.

After all, I know and love producing winning images.  It is my raison d’etre.  And with you as my latest inspiration at the center of it all, the best stories are just around the corner.  This is your wedding day, and your very own Visual Poetry Journey.






Select Features, Exhibits and Awards:

Photo Vogue Italia
“Afternoon Embers”
“Little Green House”
“Scarlet Girl”   (Best of PhotoVogue Italia, March 1, 2016)
“Red Violet”
“Door #1”
“Watercolour Dreams”
“Just a Few Drinks”
“Secrets of the Heart – Dark Moon”

Art About Magazine Italy
“Milk & Cigarettes”
“My Vivid Dream”
“Rainy Days”
“Velvet Saturday”
“Escape from Shadows”
“Rendez-vous: Forgotten Yesterdays”
“Bohemian Girl”
“Secrets of White Room”
“Windmills of my Mind”

Lov Zine Italy
“New England Tales”

Last Daze Magazine
“Milk & Cigarettes”

Sticks & Stones Agency
“White Fox”

Institute Magazine
“Escape from the Dollhouse”

Fuji X Passion Magazine
“The True Meaning of Photographs”

Anon Magazine
“Enter the Valley”
“Like the Ocean – Songs of Yesterday”
“No homework on Saturday”

Grunge’n’Art Magazine
“Secrets of the Heart – Silver Necklace”

Gilded Magazine
“Lullaby of the Purple Sky”

Xpressions Magazine
“Island Paradise”

Art Square Gallery
“Bloom”  (Vistek Award for Excellence in Photographic Arts)
“No Lifeguard on Duty”


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