What do the 70s remind you of?  For me, it is a period of optimism that followed from the golden age of newfound freedom in America beginning in the 60s.  Synonymous with this era is the music of Fleetwood Mac, with hits like Dreams and Rhiannon that is still remembered today.  Coincidentally, this period also gave us the boho vibes that is beautiful and still very much relevant today.  Brands like Top Shop and Free People continue to captivate us with this aesthetic.

And what about photography?  Most photos from this era carried flat, low saturation aesthetic that is easily recognizable when combined with the fashion of this period.  The portraits also tend to show a sense of genuine feeling and expression in the subjects for one reason or another.  Perhaps the times were simpler and the cultural and societal influences helped to create these honest emotions as well.  I guess there is an understated beauty that is difficult to describe but easily recognized.

Recently, I took this inspiration and photographed Niki from Want Management.  The wardrobe itself came from H&M and created the same honest emotions and mood that I remembered while studying the portraits of this era.  Although this was just a small shoot, but I look forward to exploring more projects like this with a similar aesthetic from this magical period of time!  Now, back to channeling more influences from 70s culture!