I am excited to announce that my recent shoot “White Fox” has been published on Sticks and Stones Agency this week!

With this shoot, we had the gorgeous Shannon from B&M models and a wonderful new creative team to help make this beautiful shoot possible.  When I look back upon these photos, it was a heartfelt reminder of what I enjoy most about photography – telling wonderful stories that are timeless. I love creating photos that are like a lingering dream, with a surreal cinematic vibe that also evokes a sense of nostalgia and inexplicable familiarity, and “White Fox” reaffirms that as we continue on the visual poetry journey:

“This is a visual poem about a girl who finds herself venturing through the wild alone, as if she is the last of the white foxes. It is also an ethereal story that straddles the divide between truth & fiction at the same time.

The forest is such a beautiful place, sheltering us from the elements, & yet infinitely mysterious. On this late July afternoon, the sunlit flowers & leaves amidst the cloudy skies were endlessly inspiring, just like a painting unfolding before us. I wish you could hear the trees rustling in the wind, like nature composing its own song to our little adventure, while the blooming flowers & the decaying trees leaves us to wonder – do we dare disturb the universe?”

See the full series here!