A few people recently asked me about my old shoot: “Secrets of White Room” and were drawn by the compelling story.  What does this series mean?  I believe that photographs should be a representation of ideas that are relevant to the individual viewers, so I will not offer any definitive answers.  On the other hand, I am happy to discuss how this conceptual art shoot came to be.  An small excerpt is also available in the series featured on Art About Magazine Italy.

The origins of Secrets of White Room came one day back in 2008, when I had the day off to myself.  On that day, I recall watching the continuous stream of people running to and from the subway train and thought – “Today, I am not like everyone else.”  It was obvious why everyone was rushing to work.  However, being one step removed from the system, I finally see the endless rat race in front of me, where people struggle to build their lives, with no end in sight.  Likewise, the mental struggle mirrors the physical struggle all the same, as the never-ending journey entraps us in our minds.  Money, opportunity, and the ultimate dream of one day escaping from the vicious system looms large over everyone’s minds.

Over the years, similar ideas presented themselves to me in various facets of life, and the ideas of “truth and fiction” began to emerge.  Do we really know who someone is?  On a fundamental level, we do not question our familiarity with our closest friends, their likes, dislikes, and stories and moments we shared with them.  Yet, on a deeper level, it is no mystery that everyone has deep inner secrets that remain unspoken, kept locked away, or even completely manipulated or forgotten as a natural reaction to cope with the past.

Secrets of White Room is a story of contrasts, symbolism, and a visual journey that follows the girl in the photos, laden with inherent contradictions within the series.  The story is available in its entirety here: